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By guest, Dec 17 2014 06:28PM

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Jul 22 2017 12:58AM by kemal

If your thinking about boarding at this facility, stop. Take that thought and get it far away from your mind.
Thia place, as they may take the care of your pet very seriously they or should I say the lady that works the front is not very bright.
I was going to board my pets here, had a reservation set about 2 weejs out. I will admit somewhere the ball was dropped. Either our vet, the boarding facility or ourselves, but...
Here is a conversation between myself and Amy? I think her name was.....
Me: "can i call the vet and have the shot records faced over?"
Amy: No i need to write the type of vaccine your dogs have recieved and the date they recieved them"
me: "ok so again can i not get the shot records faced over so we can get that information"
amy: no i have to write it down on there information sheet"
me: again can we not just fax the shot records over and attach them to their info sheet?"
amy: no we have to write down the fares they recieved their shots"

ok im sure your scratching your head as well.

ok a little hustory on my pets. One of them is allergic to the normal immunizations one would get to be boarded such as bordetello. So this is where the ball was drooped some where along the way. The vet. was supppse to fax a letter to the boarding facility stateing that he and the other animals would be fine if he was boarded at your facility.

conversation between myself and amy.

amy:"sorry but you cant board your dogs"
me: why they had their shots except bentley and he cant recieve them due to allergic reaction"
amy: "i cant put the other dogs at risk. he cannot be boarded"
me:" at risk of wha"
amy :"i have a facility full of other dogs i can not put them at rrisk"
me:" again at risk of what? have the other dogs not beed recieved the bordetello vaccine?"
amy:"im not risking the other animals getting sick"
me:"the others have had the bordatello vaccine. the only animal at risk is mine and i accept the risk"
amy: "im not going to take the risk"

again really......i understand your point but the reason the animals recieve the vaccine is to keep from contracting a disease. Its the same as you and i getti g the flu vaccine to avoid contracting the flu. If you choose not to take it thats the risk YOU take and i was will or trusted my Vet. the he would be fine.

So stay away from tgis place the help os not the brightest of people.

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